20 years experience


In order to meet the growing demand of products for hospital infrastructure PES has set up a modern manufacturing unit at Rai in Sonipat district of Haryana. The factory is situated in the Industrial zone with all modern amenities and facilities. The area is close to Delhi border and on the GT Karnal National highway.

The factory is built on an area of 2000 Sq. mts. It houses state of the art plant and machinery for use in various manufacturing processes. Most of these are heavy duty, computer controlled machines. The factory is planned to easily accommodate future expansion.

Various products manufactured at the factory include SS wall panels, Laminar flow ceilings, SS wall cabinets, automatic sliding doors, pressure reducing dampers, exhaust cabinets, scrub stations, ceiling pendants and sub-structural material and fittings.

Quality assurance of products is an paramount requirement. Accordingly all our products are CE marked and conform to relevant provisions in the ‘Medical Device Directives’.


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