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Medical Gas Pipeline


Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) is installed to provide a safe, convenient and cost-effective system for provision of medical gases to the clinical and nursing staff at the point-of-use for patients. It reduces the problems associated with the use of gas cylinders such as safety, porterage, storage and noise.

Various gases / services covered of medical gas distribution system.

  • Oxygen
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Anesthesia gas scavenging system (AGSS)
  • Medical air (MA-4)
  • Nitrogen
  • Surgical Air (SA-7)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Vacuum
  • Mixed gas

PES undertakes MGPS projects on a turn-key basis. Piping system is installed using medical grade copper tubing & fittings acquired from top manufacturers in India. PES has teams of fully trained and certified designers and engineers who expedite complete in-house designing of the system and carry out the installation at hospital sites.

Installation includes laying of pipeline, fixing and connection of gas outlets, valve boxes, alarms, and establishment of gas manifolds, compressed air plants, vacuum plants and LOX tanks.

Entire work is executed as per the International Standards such as HTM 02-04, NFPA 99 and DIN as the case may be.

For Compressed air plants, Vacuum plants and Gas outlets PES offers equipment from Ohio Medical of USA, a highly renowned name in International Medical Gas plants industry.


Compressed Air Plants

Compressed Air Plants are used to provide Compressed Medical grade Air under in bulk quantity at constant pressure through a piped system for use inside a hospital.

PES supplied air-compressors are oil-less and are designed for delivery of medical grade, moisture-free, cooled breathing air for patients and for operation of specialized air driven equipment.

All models are fully compliant to NFPA standards and are equipped with galvanized tank, dryers, filters, and air monitoring components.


Vacuum Plants

Vacuum plants provide bulk vacuum through a piped system for providing vacuum at patient locations and in operation theatres for running medical equipment.

PES supplies vacuum plant system is equipped with continuous ON-DEMAND rotary vane, total oil re-circulated / Oil free, medical vacuum systems, consisting of vacuum pumps with a vertical receiver and U.L. listed electrical control panel on a stacked modular base.

Included are TEFC motors, high air temperature switches, check valves, and pump isolation valves.

Our vacuum systems are NFPA-99 compliant.



AGSS / WAGD plant system also called gas scavenging system is required for disposal of waste anesthetic gases from inside the operation theatres to outside atmosphere.

PES supplies AGSS / WAGD plant is equipped with oil-less rotary claw vacuum / Side channel blower systems for WAGD and are fully standard compliant.


Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlets are terminal device used to supply necessary medical gasses to the patient.

PES supplies NFPA 99 compliant gas terminal devices. These accept Diamond, Puritan Bennett and DISS specific adapters as per the requirement of the hospital.


Adaptors are devices used to quick-connect the medical gas supply at gas or vacuum outlets to the patient using compatible media.

PES offers gas adapters from Ohio Medical USA who manufacture a wide variety of quick-connect medical gas adapters.

PES Product


PES Product


PES Product


PES Product


PES Product


PES Product



Flow Meters

Flow meter is an instrument used to measure the flow rate of the incoming medical gas supply at user end.

PES supplies flow meters from Ohio Medical USA which comply with all relevant standards and has competitive features such as

  • D- Shaped knob to prevent striping
  • Accurate flow reading
  • Pressure compensated
  • It is color coded to prevent cross connections

Integrated Flow Meter Outlet

An Integrated flow meter combines medical gas outlet with the flow meter that serves as single compact unit. This integration saves space, reduces construction cost and increases convenience of use.

PES supplies integrated flow meters from Ohaio Medical which are NFPA-99 compliant.


Zonal Valve Box

Zonal valve boxes are required to cut-off the supply of gasses inside hospital premises when required. PES supplies single and multiple zone valves boxes which are NFPA 99 compliant. These have competitive features such as:

  • Full port design
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Cleaned for medical gas services
  • Teflon seats

Single gas zonal valve box module


Three gas zonal valve box module

Medical Gas Colour LCD Touch Screen Area Alarms

Ohio Medical Gas Colour LCD Touch Screen Area Alarms offer crystal clear monitoring of medical gas conditions. Features include:

  • Identification of gas and alarm conditions via 5.7" Colour LCD
  • Touch screen operation
  • User defined password based activation
  • Audio- visual indications
  • Great flexibility through field programming
  • Adjustable settings
  • Connectability to BMS


LCD Touch Screen Area Alarms

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