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Scrub Stations

It is a plumbing fixture equipped inside operation theatre to enable medical personnel to scrub their hands prior to a surgical procedure. The hot and cold water supply is activated by a knee-action mixing valve or by wrist or foot control.

PES Scrub sink is designed to meet highest hospital quality that complies with international standards. Scrub sinks are available in one, two and three bay sizes and can be customized as per facility requirement. It can manual as well as automatically operated system.

Isolation panel Or Isolated Power Supply panel

Isolated power supply panels provide safe electrical power for patients and clinical staff in high-care areas of hospital such as Operation Theatres, ICUs etc. PES offers Isolated Power supplies from reputed international manufacturers. It has features such as:

  • Safety against electric shock to patient and users
  • Earth leakage current detection and insulation failure detection
  • PES supplied Isolated panels comply with HTM 06-01 standard.


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